How will I get my photos?

Your photos will be provided to you in a digital gallery. The link to your gallery will be sent to the email which you registered your session. This email will provide instructions to access your gallery, use gallery features such as downloading, accessing the gallery store to purchase prints, 'favorite' certain photos, and social media capabilities. Additionally, the bottom of this gallery delivery email will be a download pin that is required to download your images as well as the date which your gallery will expire.

When will my gallery be delivered?

Gallery delivery will depend upon your session/event.
Portrait session galleries will be delivered in 3-4 weeks.
Wedding and event galleries will be delivered in 6-8 weeks.

How do I order prints?

Each gallery delivery includes access to a professional print lab that offers average size and oversized prints, canvases, specialty prints, and cards.
We can also schedule a consultation to help you place your print order to ensure your print needs are met.

Do I have to order prints from the gallery or can I order elsewhere?

While you are welcome to order prints from other stores and locations, we strongly recommend you order prints directly from your gallery. The lab associated with your gallery store guarantees quality imaging and materials. We are not able to guarantee the quality of outside printers.

I love my photos, but I am not sure how to display them in my home.

Our Gallery Design Consultations will provide you with visual inspiration as well as image and product recommendations that will compliment your home and your style. You provide us with a photo and dimensions of your space and we will put together a custom gallery design to beautifully display the images you love. Contact us for more information.

Do you offer other sessions that are not on your website?

Sure! If you have particular requests for a type of session or event that has not been covered on our website, please reach out. We can discuss the particulars to determine if we can accommodate your interest and needs. If we are able to provide a session to meet your needs, we will customize a quote for you.

What kind of gear do you use?

Sincerely Sawyer uses Nikon cameras and lenses. Our camera inventory is a combination of full-frame DSLR's and mirrorless.

Do you have a question that has not been addressed?

Please send us a message at hello@sincerelysawyer.com so that we may address any questions you may have.