Steppingstone Farm Museum | Fall Harvest Festival | Harford County, Maryland

Today we woke up, the weather was perfect, and we had two happy little babes! We decided to take an impromptu trip over to Susquehanna State Park and walk around the Fall Harvest Festival.

Steppingstone Farm Museum hosts several great family events throughout the year that include activities that are perfect for young children. We watched a few live "How It's Made" demos, painted a pumpkin, ran around in the corn maze, and shopped some really great vendors.

I'm a sucker for a great candle so I was especially happy to walk by It's More Than A Home . You could smell the amazing scents from outside their tent and it draws you right in! I decided to go with one of their signature scents "Welcome Home" along with one of their candles that is poured into handmade pottery made by Macy McFerren, Artist and Owner of Blue Sun Studio. Pretty cool! That piece was filled with their " vMulled Spice" scent which is perfect for fall. One of the appealing things about this vendor is that you can have your jars refilled!!! And, if you opt for a candle poured into a piece by, then you'll also have a custom piece of pottery to use when the candle is finished.

The event also had a hayride, an apple cider pressing station, scenery stations, a magic show, canary, and more.. The other vendor that I was especially excited to see was Don's Dog's. They are one of my favorite lemonade vendors ever!

All in all, it was a great time and the kids were passed out in their car seats before we were even out of the drive way. Definitely worth checking out future events they host if you are looking for some some easy going, local fun.

Here are a few pics from todays venture!



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