Fall Vibes at Home | Tips for Arranging Pampas Grass

🍂Decorating our home and the photo studio for different seasons must be what it’s like to have twins! I have a hard time not buying two of everything!

Scarlett got off the bus and saw the fall decor bin, about 50 pumpkins, and piles of pampas grass lying around. She couldn’t sit her bookbag down fast enough to help decorate. Paisley on the other hand mostly loves taking whatever I get out and moving it somewhere else.

I am loving these new candles & soaps…and also the teals & more muted fall tones. And, If you’ve seen my fall photo mood boards, you may be able to tell that I love pampas grass. I use it at home and it’s also a big part of the studio set up. However, as pretty as it is, you want to be careful if you’re ordering your grasses online, don’t cheap out and read the reviews! Some grasses shed quite a bit…so if this happens, I recommend putting your arrangements together outside (or you will have fuzz and feathers everywhere!). Some of the variety grasses also don’t come already arranged. So be prepared to arrange them yourself. They are sorted into groups so first thing you want to do is ungroup them. Then, I scatter them out and evenly disperse them. I like to add the pieces with more fluff along the outside of the arrangements.

While my mind goes straight to the fun, seasonal, decorating & photoshoot prep, Corey kicked off Fall with a chicken coop clean out. I use just about any opportunity to practice with my new lens...so I took an excessive amount of photos of our dog, chickens, and the start of fall projects. I am willing to bet money that our dog and our toddler are my toughest clients...but they give me great practice. (I made sure to include some bloopers of Bodie not wanting to sit still!)

Shout out to my homegirl, Brittany, for painting the adorable serving tray for my birthday! I just love it!!!

Here's a look into our start of fall at home. Now onto the studio!

Sincerely, Jenn

Pumpkin Patch Sign | Kirklands

Soaps | Homegoods

Gather Sign | Homegoods

Candles | Target

Entryway Bench | Target

Hey There Pumpkin | At Home

Farmers Market Jug | Walmart

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