Abby | Senior Portrait Session | Harford County, Maryland

I am so excited to share some highlights from Abby's senior portrait session! One, because she is just so gorgeous and sweet and two, because I have really been practicing with my new camera and this was the first session that I did not bring my other camera with me as a crutch! I had in my mind that this was the session that I was diving all in...and it did not disappoint! I am so proud of these images and I couldn't have had a sweeter subject!

Abby is the oldest of three children, 2 girls and then a boy, same as my family! I hear a lot of mixed reviews of which is harder to raise...girls vs. boys and I still feel like it's a bit to early in the game for me to really decide. But what I do know is that if our girls turn out as sweet as Abby and her sister Paige, I will be thrilled!

At the end of the day, of course we hope that as they go through each year of school that they will progress and be successful, but the most important thing to me is that they are a kind, good person.

Wishing Abby the BEST senior year and a very successful, happy future!

Enjoy a few of my favorite images from her session! xo.

Sincerely, Jenn

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