Boho Rainbow Baby Nursery

Paisley's room had a later start than normal but it was the first finished room in the new house and I'm really happy with how it came together. I didn't really have a "theme" in mind for the nursery, and honestly, after two miscarriages before her, I couldn't even bring myself to start planning a nursery until after she was born.

Then, shortly after her healthy arrival, we moved. So, it wasn't until we were settled into our new home that I started feeling excited about planning her nursery and I started buying decor as I came across pieces that jumped out me.

We really poured our hearts into this room. Corey worked endlessly each evening after long days at work to transform this room and bathroom and get me to the fun part: painting and decorating! During the time that the room was gutted, I would sit and rock Paisley just looking around the room and planning everything out in my head.

My talented friend, Brittany McCarville, painted the beautiful art, "I Carry your Heart With Me" and it is perfect. Immediate tears when she gave this to us at our baby shower. It's me, Scarlett, Paisley, and the 2 butterflies represent our 2 babies we didn't get to meet. It's such a sentimental touch to our rainbow baby's room. Check out more of her custom artwork at First Class Creative.

I'm so thankful for our family who helped us giving us a hand when needed so we could wrap this up and bring my vision to life. I sure hope she enjoys this room for years to come!

Below is a look into our rainbow baby's nursery and a list of where most of the decor can be found!

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Paint Color: Dusky Dawn

Pictures: A mix of Homegoods, Etsy, Target and Hobby Lobby

White Rainbow Hanging Decor above crib: Target

Rocking Chair: Wayfair

Ottoman: Target

Pom Pom Curtains: Amazon

Pink Globe: Hobby Lobby

Gold and White Clock: Rae Dunn

Mirror: Tommy Hilfiger

Bunny Prints: Etsy

Wooden rack: Amazon

Polka Dot Lamp: Kate Spade

Standing Lamp: Amazon

Tee Pee Tent: Amazon

White Flowers: Hobby Lobby (1 of each: S,M,L)

Pillows: Target

Wooden decor toys: Hobby Lobby

Area Rug: Home Depot (IT'S SO SOFT)

Baskets: Homegoods and Amazon

Bunny: Build a Bear (Scarlett made it for P before she was born)

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