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"Supporting another's success won't damper your own."

This is one of my favorite quotes and I am so fortunate to have a mentor that shares this same outlook. Bridget Forney expresses this mentality both personally and professionally. Her drive is a force to be reckoned with and her motivation is contagious. She is a mentor that will push you to reach for potential you may not see and she is the friend that takes the time to recognize a talent and your ability to purse it. Bridget was the first co-worker I had to take time and inquire about my photography and creative services background. Bridget's admirable personal qualities from that initial discussion led to more conversation and opened the door to opportunities I did not foresee having so quickly. There were times that I was feeling a little intimidated or unqualified. I felt comfortable expressing these concerns to Bridget and she was always so quick to override any doubt and replace it with confidence.

In addition to working together at Kiddie Academy's Corporate Head Quarters, Bridget and I have collaborated on projects outside of the office where her mentorship never faded. She is a career "Goal Getter" and the example I needed for balancing a professional and personal life. While I greatly admire Bridget's professional experience, her "tell it like it is / working mom" advice may be the most powerful and comforting advice that I have received. After an extended maternity leave, I was a new mom back in the work force with goals and dreams, that for the time being, I thought may need to go on hold. I was relieved to see an amazing mother achieving her career goals. I believe that people come into your life for a reason and the timing for Bridget coming into mine couldn't have been more perfect.

I look forward to collaborating with Bridget on future projects and I hope to pass on the same inspiration to someone else. I am so proud to call Bridget my friend, grateful for her professional guidance, and always excited to follow her work!

Sincerely, Jennifer Sawyer

Marketing Communications Specialist / PR @ Kiddie Academy Corporate Office

Owner / Photographer @sincerelysawyer

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