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If you haven't heard, there was a Solar Eclipse yesterday!! (haha)

With all of the media coverage about the eclipse, it opened my eyes to a few things.

First, I'm feeling pretty uneducated! (LOL) I'm learning about all of these people planning eclipse viewing parties and trips YEARS in advance, watching all of this cool coverage about this, for many, once in a lifetime experience, and I'm over here like...I just heard of this happening a few weeks ago....via social media because of a recall on glasses!!!! Apparently, I need to climb out for under this rock I am living under! There were even Solar Eclipse music playlists made...and I'm all about an event playlist!

Second, Harford County has an Astronomical Society! (ummmm??...we do!?!) I have lived in Harford County, Maryland my whole life and I never knew that! The Harford County Astronomical Society welcomed over 1000 visitors, including Scarlett's daycare class, to their Solar Eclipse Event where they enjoyed a fun filled day of astronomy! My 2 year old had more exciting eclipse viewing plans then I did! If you have an interest in Astronomy, and even if you didn't before, check out their page! @harfordastro


Third, that was so much cooler then I realized! Maybe because I really didn't give it much thought?

Luckily, I have co-workers that were much more prepared and they shared their glasses!

I was excited to show Scarlett that mommy's work also put on the "funny" glasses to watch the eclipse and talk with her about it! I mean, that was pretty awesome! We were giving all of these eclipse viewing techniques a try and that was pretty entertaining. How was I not more prepared for this?!? The good news is, I am not any blinder today than I already was.

I am enjoying all of these incredible images of the eclipse that were captured by others!

Here are a few pictures from our impromptu Solar Eclipse Party at work! I hope you had the opportunity to see it!

Sincerely, Jenn

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