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Brittany Russin | Maternity Photoshoot | Harford County, Maryland

I spent this beautiful morning with my longtime friend, Brittany, who is expecting her first child any week now! Brittany and I have been friends since middle school! We share so many fun, exciting memories and her maternity photoshoot just adds to all of the wonderful moments that we have experienced together! Sharing this lovely experience with her, her sister, Lauren, and niece, Cali, was such an honor and so much fun! It is so special to see the excitement and anticipation for sweet baby, Mariana! That is one of my most favorite things about a maternity photoshoot! You can just feel the love and joy awaiting the arrival of this sweet baby girl!

The location for this photoshoot was at Jerusalem Mill in Harford County, Maryland. It was especially adorable that Brittany wanted to include her sister and niece in the photos! What a lovely keepsake! Afterall, if you have children already... you know that your baby is never referred to as "your baby" she will be referred to as "OUR baby"... until she needs her diaper changed...then she is "your baby"!

Brittany, I am so thrilled for you and your family! I can't even put into words the amazing moments that you are about to experience and how your life will be forever changed in the most incredible way! Enjoy your last days carrying your sweet baby girl with in. Enjoy these last weeks of wonder, excitement. and anticipation of baby Mariana! We are all so excited to meet her, snuggle her, and especially for me...photograph her!

Here are a few highlights from Brittany's maternity shoot! Enjoy!

Sincerely, Jenn xo.

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