Back to School | Twenty Years Later

Our family is celebrating the new school year a little differently this year! If you were to ask this cute little girl to the left what she wanted to be when she grows up (for her back to school chalk board), her answer would have been "A Babysitter".

Well, Fast forward about 20 years, after years of hard work, dedication, stress, and lots of studying, you can say hello to Harford County's newest Biology and Earth Science Teacher... Ms. Sawyer!

(Soon to be Mrs. Marx! They already have her new decal ready for November)

Earth Science and Biology are subjects primarily taken be Freshman and Sophomores.... which you could say may be a very special age group. Because of that, In addition to their excitement, I sometimes get quite a concerned look for her when I tell people what she will be teaching! For most of her students, this is their first year of high school and they are beginning their preparation for college. That age may bring a unique set of obstacles, but if you know Jess, you know she will do everything she can to connect with her students, get them to engage in the topics, and create an atmosphere where they are having fun and learning at the same time.

Just like any profession, some days may be more difficult then others... but these are my thoughts when it comes to my sister.

Some days may be challenging.... but only because she cares so much.

Some days may be exhausting... but only because she puts everything she has into what she does.

Some days she may loose her patience, but only because she wants each and every student to succeed.

Some days she may feel defeated.... but I know there is nothing that she can't handle!

I know with out a doubt she is going to be an amazing teacher! Her students are so very lucky to have her and we couldn't be more proud of you, Jessica!

My family crashed her first back to school night! While she was introducing herself to her new students

( and convincing some parents that she was teacher ), we got to check out her new classroom.... and play on the white board ( If grew up with me, you know how exciting that was ). Scarlett had a blast exploring Aunt Jess's classroom and coloring with the dry erase markers!

You can bet I will be visiting her classroom often and Scarlett will be adding a smart board to her Christmas list!

Loves ya, Likes ya, Jess.

Sincerely, Jenn xo.

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