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For most working adults, it seems like we spend more time with our work family then we do at home with our own families . As a working mom., it's such a treat when companies organize a little fun at work!

Today, Kiddie Academy's Corporate office hosted "Hawaiian Shirt Day" which included a visit from the Good Humor ice cream truck! Having a themed day reminded me of "spirit week" back in high-school. Kiddie Academy Employee's, including our new directors, were encouraged to wear their best Hawaiian attire. However, Kiddie Academy's President, Greg Helwig, made the new directors put in a little work for their ice cream by judging our "Hawaiian Shirt Contest"!

The "Twins", Donna & Kori, along with Marlana put up a good fight in the final round but did not make the cut. By the sound of the director's applause's, Danita, in all her Hawaiian attire, was announced our "Hawaiian Shirt Day Winner". Danita was awarded a nice bottle of wine and we enjoyed a little 'Good Humor" to end the work day! I think now that we all know that wine is a likely prize for any future contests...employee's may step up their game next time!

In an article that was released on June 8,2016, Business News Daily listed 15 job perks that make employees happy...and as it says in the article "research shows that happy workers are the most productive"!!

Is there something special or unique that your company does for their employees? Share them with us in the comments below!

Sincerely, Jenn

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Questions, comments, and of course your photos are always welcome below!

Is there something special and unique that your company does for their employees? I'd love to hear about it!

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