The Cannon Family | Back to School

The Cannon Family | Back to School

Another fun back to school with the Cannon Family! I love Cassandra and her family so much! It is hard to believe that Jenesys is starting the 5th grade this year and J.J. is starting PRE-K! Both ends of the spectrum this school year and Cassandra's home will be a bit more quite just having Paytin! (well maybe!).

Cassandra and I met in college. Our assigned lab partnership has turned into a lifelong friendship. When I found out that I was expecting to have my first baby in the fall of 2014, I could not wait to call Cassandra and John and give them the exciting news! That phone call became even MORE exciting when her response was "SO AM I"! With our due dates being just days apart, we had so much fun talking, planning, and preparing during those months leading up to October! John and Cassandra's youngest son, Paytin, was born just 11 days before my daughter, Scarlett. It has been so fun watching them grow up together and I am so fortunate to have their family in our lives! Cassandra and John are fantastic parents. Cassandra has been there for me as a new mom and has continued to be there for me every step of the way! No matter the time or the situation, I know I can come to her with anything and not feel judged! Now one of my favorite things to do it sit and talk about "Mom Life" and although we are never proud of our "Mom Fail" moments, they are bound to happen and it's nice to have someone to laugh about them with!

The photo shoot of the kids turned into fun with the whole family! I especially love the photos of Cassandra & JJ with the "Don't Cry Mom" sign! As much as we may joke ( well, sometimes joking ) about how we can't wait to send the kids off to school.... we're all fighting back the tears as our little ones take another step towards independence. It's ok to cry.

Here are a few highlights from The cannon Family's Back to School session!

-Sincerely, Jenn. xo

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Globe: Target! I loved the color scheme and the size of this globe! When it's not being featured in a photo shoot, it will be sitting on my desk!

Antique School Desk: How awesome is this Antique school desk! Our Dad always comes through for us whenever we are on the search for props ( Last July, it was a wagon). Dad's are the best!

Antique Books: Again, compliments of our Dad!

Chalk Board blocks, Letter & Ruler ribbon, and pencil banner: All from Target. The pencil banner originally had a white ribbon, but I swapped that for a burlap twine string to match our set a little better!

Location: Hickory Elementary School. Harford County, MD


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