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| Harford County Farm Fair 2016 |

We had so much fun at the 29th annual Harford County Farm Fair! In addition to promoting Harford County’s agricultural heritage and encourage youth involvement in agricultural activities, there are several fun events for all ages... Including the "Farm Fair Baby Contest"! The HCFF has been hosting this event for at least 25 years and it is one of the cutest events at the fair! We had so much fun last year that we decided to do it again with a new theme. After the event, we enjoyed seeing all of the animals, rides, balloon bounce, fresh lemonade, and oh yeah... "dunking a cop" (photos in gallery below).



Scarlett loves flowers... and weeding!

She actually cried one day when I was picking her up from Heather's house because she was getting ready to help weed and I arrived a little early! So I stayed for a few extra minutes so she could pull some weeds! Her love for flowers was our inspiration for this years "Farm Baby" contest! Last year she was about 9 months old and very content sitting in her wagon filled with veggies!

|Above: 2015 Harford County Farm Fair |

This year, we knew it may be a little more challenging since she is walking, constantly on the move, and basically into everything! We started putting everything together Friday (you know me, last minute) and with the help of Scarlett's family, her flower market was ready for the fair Saturday morning! Not only was it an adorable prop, she really enjoyed playing with cart and the flowers! It was rolling entertainment! There were so many cute setups again this year! One family, who is an 11th generation farmer from Street, MD, brought live chickens! Of course Scarlett, along with the other kids, kept running over to see them! She was such a little busy body up until the point when they announced that she won first place. As soon as they handed her a blue ribbon, a bit of stage fright set in and she froze! She was pretty confused! Matt Button, from the "Baltimore Sun", happened to catch that "in shock" moment! A big difference from last year when she was smiling and waving to everyone as she sat in her little wagon! Soon after everything settled down, she enjoyed some gold fish and went right back to handing out flowers and playing with her flower market!



Here are some details about Scarlett's Flower Market and photos from our day at the Harford County Farm Fair!

| Reuse. Recycle. Re-purpose. | Make use of what you already have | Family Craft Night

Scarlett was the "project manager". I tried to turn this into a fun lesson and leave her to make the decisions on what colors to use and where to put things! With some questioning...she did a pretty good job on telling me exactly what she wanted! We were able to put the flower market together with everything that we already had!

The Flower Market Cart: We used the same wagon as last year and Scarlett's Pop, Aunt Jess, and Uncle Dustin built the market canopy with PVC pipe, yellow spray paint, and a red and white table cloth! The canopy was connected to the wagon with zip ties on each side! The canopy also provided some shade as we rolled her around the fair!

The Flowers: All of the beautiful sunflowers & zinnias were from our cousins, Candace and Darryl, at Lohr's Orchard, Churchille, MD! Scarlett always had to hold a flower and started handing them out! The Black eyed Susan's were from Scarlett's Gammie's garden! She is always picking those flowers! This time, we said it was ok! We reused mosquito repellent candle tins as flower hanging baskets. I lined them with foil and filled them with some water and they were just the right size! The other flower tins were from Scarlett's first birthday party!


The artwork: We colored and learned about black eyed Susan's and the farmers market.. I helped color but she told me what color to use in each spot! We also added artwork and projects that she did at with Mrs. Heather Cantos and friends at Busy B's! They do the cutest projects and it was the perfect addition to her market display!

Other props: Just random gardening items that we had around the house!

Sincerely, Jenn

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