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What a wonderful way to spend my morning! This morning I spent a few hours with Candace, Carl, and beautiful baby Ava! Ava is baby number three in the Snyder family... which means Carl and Candace are officially out numbered! We had a few laughs about how different and more relaxed things can be by the time you bring home baby number three so we wanted to make sure we still captured a few photos of Ava's first days at home. This may be a rare session for the third baby!

My brother, Nick, shares that same child number three spot as Ava does! I am the oldest of three and we have many laughs when comparing our scrapbooks, baby calendars, and other differences from when my parents brought me home to when my parents brought my brother home!

Although parents may not have as much time to dedicate to scrap-booking and other fine little details after the first child, a families love just multiplies and in these cases baby number three has TWO more people to love and protect them. Matt and Jo are going to be amazing older siblings to baby Ava!

Congratulations to the new family of five!

-Sincerely, Jenn. xo

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I love the soft antique look with newborn, fresh 48, and at home with baby sessions. They are so soft and sweet but I also love the look of a traditional black and white so I incorporated a little of each in their gallery. Here are a few photos from this sessions gallery.

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