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Although there is still plenty of summer left to enjoy, Jess and I had so much fun with these cuties during our first back to school session of 2016! Addison & Cooper were looking adorable in their back to school clothes and we just adore their fun personalities! I'm not sure if it was because they were having fun, the new school clothes, or the anticipation of ice cream after the photo shoot, but they are two of the sweetest and photogenic kids!

This photo shoot was held at Hickory Elementary school in Harford County, MD where Addison and Cooper will be starting 1st and 3rd grade in the upcoming school year. The "Class Diva" and "Class Clown" photos were so fun and fitting for these too. We had their titles picked out on the first try and I love how their personality naturally shines when they played the part!It was one of the hottest days of this summer so we scheduled the shoot later in the evening, just before sunset. Despite the hot and humid conditions, this family was such a pleasure to work with!

Thank you to my friend, Christine Cooney, for referring this wonderful family! P.S.... Christine and Tracey are fantastic "behind the scene" helpers!

-Sincerely, Jenn.

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Now booking 2016 Back to School sessions.

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Globe: Target! I loved the color scheme and the size of this globe! When it's not being featured in a photo shoot, it will be sitting on my desk!

Antique School Desk: How awesome is this Antique school desk! Our Dad always comes through for us whenever we are on the search for props ( Last July, it was a wagon). Dad's are the best!

Antique Books: Again, compliments of our Dad!

Chalk Board blocks, Letter & Ruler ribbon, and pencil banner: All from Target. The pencil banner originally had a white ribbon, but I swapped that for a burlap twine string to match our set a little better!

Location: Hickory Elementary School. Harford County, MD


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