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| Happy 4th of July | Scarlett's Red, White, and Cute Photo Shoot |

I just love celebrating the Fourth of July! Parades, Cookouts, Fireworks... and 'oh yeah....PHOTOS!

Nothing says "Happy Fourth of July" like a red, white, and blue tutu! My daughter, Scarlett, is just over a year and a half old. Needless to say, our photo sessions are becoming a bit more challenging. Especially when I attempt them at my parents house where there is just too much excitement! At times, I wish I could be a fly on the wall with my camera and capture the photos that I imagine I will get! Then reality sets in. Attempting a visit to Pop and Grammies, trying to set up something quick and sweet for our photography, beat the storm, and convince Scarlett that taking photos is more fun then a buggy ride. Nice try! I still give it my best shot. I mean, that old wagon is one of my favorites and moving it to another location (that is not at Pop and Gammie's) would probably be more challenging then my 1 year old cooperating...or maybe not depending on the day! Good thing candids are my favorite!

Happy Birthday, America!

| About this shoot |

TUTU: Hand made by Rashelle Houck | Owner & Designer at I

As if TuTu's weren't cute enough, this handmade beauty is full of red, white, and CUTE! Scarlett LOVED wearing it. I have a feeling she will be getting a lot of wear out of that tutu!

SAILOR DRESS: My friend from work gave Scarlett the navy blue nautical sailor dress! I was so excited about this dress because she wore a similar dress last year for her fourth of July photos! Thank you Marlana & Sophia!

BANNER: Target. I love target for inexpensive props. However, this one required a bit of touching up due to several spots being misprinted. With the banner being so cute...they were sold out when we tried to exchange it for a new I had to go back to my screen printing days and make this work. It was too cute to give up on! I simply used hodgepodge to fill in spots where the ink was missing then mixed paints that I had on hand to match the blue on the banner. Once the hodgepodge was dry, I used a fine straight line paint brush to fill in the missing ink. Laid flat to dry. Good as new!

FLAG PILLOWS: Kohl's & Target

WOODEN CRATE: 1/2 Bushel apple crate from my Pop-Pop George. You may have seen this crate in many other photo shoots! It also comes in handy when we are transporting lots of props!

Tricycle: My mom found that adorable little tricycle and of course she had to get it for Scarlett! She's trying to figure out how to use the peddles!

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-Sincerely, Jenn. xo

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