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Welcome XO girls!

I am so excited that you're taking the time to view our blog and learn more about Sincerely Photography Co. Here is a little background story about us and what brought us to this moment!

My sister, Jessica, and I have always had a passion for all things creative! Arts, crafts, make-up, fashion, graphic design, home decor... you name it...we love it! Through school, we worked at a local screen printing company where we able learn more about graphic design and had the chance to really get creative with other design projects. Then, to add to our creative interests, my sister began studying photography at school. The timing was perfect because life was really starting get interesting! While Jess was in her final years of high school, I was engaged, planning a wedding, and became a big part my of sisters "photography grade"! One of my sisters first official photography sessions was our engagement session. She may have only been a high school student (the age of the students that she is now teaching!) just learning about the art of photography, but I knew her passion for capturing those once in a lifetime moments and her creativity would make them perfect...and I was right. Our engagement photos were taken almost 10 tears ago! Just before we were on Pinterest, blogs, and social media. The collection is so special to me in many ways, especially now looking back. It's full of beginnings.

In that moment, it was my sisters first photo shoot and the first official photo shoot of my husband and I. Photos that commemorate our engagement. That short precious time celebrating all the years that led us to that point and anticipating everything we had to look forward to together, From that point on, Jess was there with her camera capturing our families memories and milestones. From the Bridal shower, wedding festivities, buying our first home, and all the fun in between...Jess was there...snapping away on her new camera and at the same time learning and growing. Then life really got interesting and the photography sessions became a lot more frequent. I was pregnant! My sister was there for me every step of the way... and armed with her camera! From weekly photos (that she started literally the week after we announced we were expecting), to the baby shower, and maternity photos...I started to forget what my sweet little sister looked like without the camera in front of her face! Jess was determined to make sure that every memory through those short 9 months (didn't feel so short at the time!) was captured and I was once again one of Jess's first's! Her first super pregnant, takes forever to get into position, needs help getting back up, "let me roll over", "I have to pee", "I'm out of breath", and hormonal maternity model. In that moment, my sister and I created so many memories, photographs, ideas, and I probably tested Jess's patience more then ever before!

In that moment, Sincerely Sawyer Photography started to take shape. We collaborated ideas for photo shoots, locations, staging, and poses while discussing endless ideas that we would start working on then along with future projects! We were counting down the weeks and squeezing in photo sessions as we came up with different ideas. I was beginning to feel less photogenic and more ready to pop but still Jess managed to capture photos that I cherish! Being pregnant was one of the most special times in my life and I cherished every second of it, However it was a bit challenging at times. Towards the end of my pregnancy, I started to have issues with my skin on my shoulders and around week 36 I noticed my first stretch mark. After spending so much time looking online at stunning maternity photos to get inspiration for my final maternity shoot....having skin issues was not part of the plan! I started to feel discouraged as I compared my 9 month self to these other picture perfect mom to be's and it was in that moment I reminded myself what an incredible journey this is, how lucky I am to carry this life I would soon get to meet, how lucky I was to have a hormonal break out, how lucky I was to have those stretch marks, and how lucky I was that I had a sister help me photograph these memories and make me feel beautiful and excited about my pictures.

We were finally in the final weeks before my due date. Time was really ticking to get those final baby bump pics! I was slower then ever and getting into positions was apparently pretty comical to Jess. With my hair and make up all done, fresh manicure, and baby moving all around, I laid there resting while my sister made the final adjustments before shooting some of the last maternity photos.

In that moment, I felt like a beautiful mom to be. I was excited to see how all of the photos would turn out because they were more then just photos. They were memories. Memories of one of the best times in my life. Reminders of how we laughed ( and still laugh) at the memories that we made while taking those maternity photos. In that moment, I laid there in all my anticipation of this amazing new life we were about to begin. These are photos and memories I would look back to and one day share with our new baby. All of the memories that were made not only from the actual experiences...but the memories we made along the way capturing them.

In that moment, we knew that we didn't want that experience and feeling to stop there. We wanted to create a fun, chic, and, empowering place that women would feel confident and beautiful no matter what their story is behind the photos. Between being a new mom, working, and all of the other day to day responsibilities, Jess and I still focused on our photography. Now with a new baby to practice with starting with newborn photos! Once again, another first...and this time, It was another first for me too. I was getting practice behind the camera. Jess started teaching me the basics of her camera. To get as much practicing in, Jess set me free with the camera. I had a very energetic 1 year old that was the perfect photography challenge and with a background in graphic design, I was soon editing photos along with Jess.

It was in that moment we discussed our photography goals that included our boudoir project. We collaborated ideas with our cousin, Chelsea. Chelsea is a very talented make-up and hair stylist and queen of all things chic! She also happens to be one of the most photogenic people I know! Not just because she is insanely gorgeous...but because she's just so happy, confident, and just an all around fabulous gal! We started collaborating ideas and with in a couple weeks, we were shooting photos for our Sincerely Yours XO premier. After taking the first photo, I glanced down at the screen and I thought...WOW! I can't wait to show her! Later that night, we went through the final photos. Chelsea's excitement for the photos really summed up a super fun, productive day with the girls and it made us even more motivated to share that experience with all of our girlfriends! We launched our brand and mission through out that week and the feedback was amazing!

In that moment, I knew we had a team made up of three ladies who are passionate about making others feel their best and would strive to make women feel as beautiful and confident in their own skin. To embrace their unique qualities, not compare themselves, and to feel complete and happy in their skin. Each session is unique and designed for YOU and your comfort level! My hope is that every women that treats herself to a session with us will leave not only with beautiful photos....but a glamorous memory of this time in life. Photos that can be that reminder of how amazing you are and what a fun experience it was. That's what being an XO girl is all about.

We can't wait to hear the story behind your xo photos!

-Sincerely, Jenn. xo

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