Finding Confidence.

My big sister is always who I have looked up to. Jenn has always been beautiful, funny, popular, gets compliments on her hair, her make-up, her smile, and her fun and loving personality. And while I love my sister like no other, I still would compare myself to her. Why didn’t I have friends like she did, or make people laugh like she did, or get compliments like she did?

But it is the same women who I have looked up to, my sister, my best friend who has also shown me and helped me to love myself as I am, who has encouraged me, who has raised my confidence, and showed me that of course I am not just like her, because I am ME.

So, in spirit of loving ourselves as we are, I challenge you to make a list. This is going to be your list, and ONLY yours. It is not to be inspired by others. Why? Because this is a list of what YOU love about yourself. I admit it took me some of time to think of this list, but I managed to do so. That being said, here is my list of 5 things I love (or have come to love) about me.

  1. I love that I am short. I may complain about it at times, but I’ve learned to accept and even love that I am vertically challenged.

  2. I love that my teeth are slightly crooked. I think it makes my smile unique.

  3. I love that I love my family.

  4. I love that I am competitive, because I feel that I consistently aim to reach my goals.

  5. I love that I have struggled to love myself. I know that I am not a naturally confident person, but it is the self-confidence I now have that makes me proud of myself.

Your turn!

Become an XO Girl and celebrate your own confidence, strength, and beauty.

Share with us 5 things you love about you!

-XO Jess

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